Snowy Valley by Paul[FN]


Review machine: AMD K6-2/450, 196Meg RAM, Voodoo2 SLI @ 1024,768 Download (UK) (Russia)

Level description:

This is an early air / ground level and its a bit basic. I won't write a full review because it doesn't need one. Right, like I said its a bit basic as this is probably the authors first level. Its not bad but you will have completed it in ten minutes. This level would be best converted to multi player if it hasn't already been done but its still worth a download if you want a quick blast. The level got a poor score because as it stands its sparse and doesn't offer much gameplay. A multiplayer version would therefore score higher. NOTE: this level must be unzipped into a folder named snowy in the mountain world directory for it to work. The author failed to mention this and I had to mess about to get it to work as putting it in the wrong place crashed my system.

Rating; Architecture / landscape: 5  Texturing: 7  Item / enemy placement:

Atmosphere: 3  Coolness / new ideas / enhancements: 1  bugs: none

Total: 42%