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Fan sites

Axe's Drakan site, mainly levels, mods and other downloads 

Oneth's homepage (including Drakan art) 

Walkthrough and character information 

Absolute Playstation web site 


Level editing / Mods


The ultimate Drakan resources site (FTP only) contains too much to list here

Zeoc's Drakan mods (at bottom of linked page) Here.

Currently Active Clans

The Blood that Binds 

The Guardians Here


Developers of Drakan

Publisher of Drakan 

Other links

My home page  

Starpulse (entertainment search engine) 

Gamer's forum

Video Games links site 

Hugh Jamieson's web site (artist who used to work for Surreal)

Erik Aho's web site (composer for Drakan:TAG Music)

Draco's Web site, contributor of Drakan mods and dragon fan