Drakan Autorun Wont work

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Drakan Autorun Wont work

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Hello everyone,

I've run into something of an odd problem. I installed Drakan OOTF a while back, beat it, then had a misfortune kill my external hard drive that it was installed on. Now I have tried to reinstall it, but the CD doesn't recognize it. When I click play it says "you may need to insert the disk or reinstall" but clicking uninstall goes nowhere because it can't find Uninst log. I've gotten a third party uninstaller to remove most of the traces of the old Drakan install but it hasn't helped. Anyone know what I can do?

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Re: Drakan Autorun Wont work

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Hi, I assume you are using Windows 10 - you need to install the community patch to make the game work. This can be found here https://www.arokhslair.net/wp/downloads/

Otherwise it could be registry entries that are still present linking to the external hard drive which no longer exists. You will need to remove those registry entries otherwise the installer will think the game is installed when it isn't and as you pointed out uninstalling won't work.
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