Downloads for Order of The Flame (PC) where you can find patches, new levels and modifications that enhance gameplay and / or fix bugs. There are also some savegames available for download for those who experience crashes at two known points in the game – Alwarren and after fighting Queen Shilla on the bridge.

NOTE: if you cannot download these files right click and select save link as. This is due to Google Chrome update and / or popup blockers. 

Updated multiplayer levels pack – this download contains new levels (maps) that have been released since the community patch’s final release which is no longer being updated. These maps will be running on rotation on the multiplayer server. Extract and copy the folder to your drakan install folder overwriting files if prompted. Updated 24/12/2023.

Drakan user manual – for those who have lost the manual and wish to read more about the game, controls etc.

Community patch installer – includes the latest AIO patch and any updated community made maps both new and updates to existing maps. All contained in a handy installer so no manually copying files. Note: this replaces the 445 patch. This will only install if you have installed the full install of the original game from the CD without any other patches installed such as the 10th anniversary patch. Currently only English, German and Spanish languages are supported. The patch will detect the language of your game automatically and install the appropriate version of the patch. Single player and multiplayer content required even if you do not intend to play multiplayer. Not supported or endorsed by Surreal Software or Psygnosis. For help & support please join our discord group. This patch will only work on legal copies of the game. Password for .zip file is arokh. Previous version (build 153.01) by Mechanist download here.

Drakan AiO patch – fixes the crash after selecting difficulty, session creation failed error, adds support for widescreen displays and more. Now includes fixes for the level editor making it usable on modern operating systems. More info here. Note this patch is unofficial and not supported by or in no way connected to Surreal Software or Psygnosis / Sony Computer Entertainment. Original copy of the game required prior to install. ** No longer being updated and superseded by the Community patch – use that instead**

English 445 patch – The last official patch released by the developers. This has been replaced by the community patch or the AIO patch above. There is no need to install 445 now. Download for reference only.

Drakan Single Player demo – second release of the demo where you can play a section of the Wartock Canyons level with Arokh.

*.reo to *.obj converter by Mathijs Roosen – useful for level editors and game mods. For developers only! Updated 07.08.2016.

Single player levels –  Download single player levels from this web site.

Multiplayer levels – Download multi player levels from my site. Some files may be missing although all the common ones are there- sorry!

Sky common database – a collection of new skies used by some PCL’s. You will need this file if the add on level (PCL) you are playing requires it and its not included with the level.

Drakan level editing tools V1.20 – the level editor used to create new levels and mods to extend single player and multiplayer Drakan gaming. Released by Surreal Software. (Depreciated, not compatible with newer OS’s)

Drakan Level Editing Tools (updated version) as above this version has had numerous bug fixes and runs on the latest operating systems.

Drakan level editor tutorials – Download this pack to get to grips with Drakan’s level editor and start making your own levels!

Arokh screensaver – a cool screensaver for your Windows desktop. (Depreciated, not compatible with newer OS’s)

Rynn screensaver – a cool screensaver for your Windows desktop. (Depreciated, not compatible with newer OS’s)

Alwarren savegame – This is a save game of mine (445 version) you can download if you cannot get past the crash when exiting Alwarren. Download this and unzip it into your saves directory to continue the game.

Queen Shilla Bug savegame – As above, this save game is from the patched 445 version of the game and is saved at the point after defeating Queen Shilla. This is a workaround for the bug in the game which often happens after killing Queen Shilla. One of two things may happen; one is she drops the rune key into the lava instead of onto the bridge making it impossible to pick it up and continue. The other is Shilla just spins and the game does not recognize her death.

Too hard difficulty save game – A lot of you may have to start the game in developer mode to bypass the intro cut scene & difficulty selection that causes crashing on some machines. Unzip to your saves folder and load it from the game menu as normal. Thanks to ‘Mad Bohemian’ for this.

Too hard difficulty for popular add on levels – As above, these are save games for two of the best player created levels. Thanks to ‘Mad Bohemian’ for this.

Another Too hard difficulty save – this time for Dragonmech by Zeoc.

Note to webmasters: please do not link directly to these files.

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