New fanfiction story! Well not Drakan but Skyrim…

OK so there hasn’t been anything regarding Drakan to post recently and there’s been no new levels, fan art and fanfics submitted for years but I have something from Skyrim that is worth posting. I have been playing this game as an Argonian who you can find on earlier posts as they are a cool race to play as and Skyrim is remotely similar to and much more modern than┬áDrakan.

Anyway there is a great fanfiction centered around an Argonian character which I found and it is a well written emotional story with professional writing. It follows the main story of the game plus a little prequel about the main character’s backstory. It’s currently not finished but there are currently 2 arcs which come to around 300 pages; about the size of an average book. This will be massive epic story when it’s done.

It’s called Dragon of the East and can be found on the below links:-

Inkit fanfiction entry Inkit fanfiction entry

Arcs 1 and 2 complete on

And finally where all new chapters will be added

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