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Doomsday sounds a promising mod and shows much improvement to the lighting and architecture over Assassin’s previous mod, War of a Dark Age going by early screenshots and it should turn out to be a top quality mod. As mentioned in the intro, its a sequel to War of a Dark Age which along with World in Peril and Journey to Azenera are PC alternatives to the official PS2 sequel. This is a player created mod and is in no way connected to Surreal Software or Sony Computer Entertainment.


The story, set more or less 10 years after the events of War of a Dark Age assumes that the player completed the light side missions and rescued Rynn and Arokh bringing the first members of the Order of the Flame back into the world. The Dragons in this version of ‘Drakan2′ are the descendants of the Dragons who chose not to go into eternal sleep when the others did at the end of the Dark Wars; there were a small number who fled to a part of the world where they could live in peace away from humans.

Now, the new Order established by Eylin and Rynn was regaining it’s strength and former glory. However, things weren’t that easy. Despite the fact some of the dragons regained faith in humans, the humans had to still re- unite the two races, the older negative feelings towards the Order still remained, and also awoke. However, in it’s weak form the young Order was not strong enough to crush these forces, and ultimately, a never before seen world wide war broke out. Renegade dragons, renegade humans, the young Order, and the crushed remains of the Dark Union’s forces are now battling among each other, and as a result, the remaining intact places, cities of Drakan are now rapidly falling into ruin. To make things worse, the ancient brother race of the dragons, the Setharians find the world of Drakan, and realize the dragons’ presence – and decide to fix the threat of the “evil brother” for once and for all – annihilate the whole world…


In the story, you must lead Tyris, a young girl, who accidentally gains a dragon spirit. The dragon – Erathim – was a powerful mage dragon, who was led into a trap. Despite the fact he could destroy his opponents, his soul was trapped in a crystal globe. This crystal globe was found by a merchant, who sold it to Tyris as a lamp, and one day, Tyris accidentally broke the “lamp” so the dragon spirit flew into her body. Despite the fact Tyris will now be strengthened by the powers of the once lived Erathim, the two spirits will often rival over the ruling of their common body…

New features planned:-

  • New models (houses, castles etc)
  • New ways of fighting (bare hand fighting, different martial arts; these things are quite similar to the ones in the game ONI)
  • Possibly some ways of magic
  • Action MOD; 75% of the story will be about beating various opponents
  • Brand new opponents, if I can fit the models &animations into the map without getting awfully big sizes
  • New Rynn models
  • Ability to be a dragon without a human riding you
  • Brand new weapon models (crossbow, medieval gun, cannons, battle axes, spears, etc)
  • new sounds instead of text messaging
  • “Arcade” elements (controlling an anti-air ballista defending your castle)

Latest News

31/01/04 – Assassin has put this project on hold to instead work on a completely new, standalone game unrelated to Drakan but will be very similar in nature with playable dragons and humans. Assassin may eventually return to development of Doomsday but it won’t be for a long time. You can check the dev site of the new game here if you want to take a look.

01/12/03  – Two more screenshots of the modern world showing a couple of tanks and anti-dragon defences. Here and here.

22/11/03 – Some more screenshots, the first showing the new high res textures which show a massive improvement over Drakan’s original 64×64 resolution ground textures. This gives the ageing Riot engine powering Drakan a much needed facelift and it looks good. The second screenshot is of the ‘Modern World’ which, could be modern day Drakan or possibly a city based on our world depending on the storyline. One thing though, the robotic dragon (see below) and the modern city world hints at either a time travel experiment or a portal is opened between Drakan and Earth. Whatever Assassin plans, it looks like its going to be interesting.

High resolution ground texture  modern world city block

20/09/03 – Assassin has sent five more screenshots which show some awesome special effects and one of the game’s bosses. Dark Ninja, Ice Boss, Ice Sanctuary, Zombie and finally a robotic dragon firing missiles!

23/02/03 – Two screenshots showing the new Dragon skins, the red one is wearing armour to help protect it in battle. There will be more dragon skins used for the evil dragons and the boss dragons found at the end of each level. The screens are here and here.

29/12/02 – Another screenshot for you to enjoy, this time showing examples of the new sword and character models.

27/12/02 – The first screenshot released showing a house and some of the new lighting effects.


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