Clarification of the forum closure plan

As it’s drawing close to the end of the year and the deadline for forum closure I have decided to clarify exactly what is closing as there is some confusion as to if it’s the whole forum or just the BoD section.

Here is what has / will happen:-

The whole forum (Drakan and BoD) is now members only. No new members can register but existing members can still post and contribute.
The BoD section has been made private so you have to be logged in to view it. This keeps it hidden from public view but still allows existing members to participate.

I was going to make the BoD section (not the Drakan and general forum) read only at the end of the year. I have decided to extend this by 6 months unless I get further trouble from our Chinese scamming friend. An email has been sent out to all members.

Please join our discord server (link above) which is where the Drakan community is the most active.

The main website isn’t going anywhere at the moment and will continue as-is.

Finally, the dedicated multiplayer server will be running over the Xmas and New Year period so we can play some multiplayer together and catch up on old times. Don’t forget to install the community patch and the MP pack update.

Have a good Xmas and New Year everyone!

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