New permanent multiplayer server

Thanks to our forum and Discord member, Deltwin he is hosting a Drakan multiplayer server which can host up to 60 players and is running 24/7. You will need the community patch installed on your copy of Drakan (game version should show 377/447 if installed) for you to be able to connect. You will also need the updated multiplayer map pack; both are available on the downloads page. The server lists automatically in the in-game server browser after about 10 seconds. You can check the server status at Drakan Serverlist :: 333networks masterserver at any time. If you would like any specific maps or want to know when to play and organise matches please join our Discord server.

On a side note I have re-enabled forum registration but it requires admin approval for account activation. I do not get time to check the forum regularly but I will check once a day at least. If all goes well we might re-activate the forum fully or consider moving to a new platform using Zenforo.

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