Screenshots from Order of the Flame which were taken from my first play through of the game not long after the game was released. Please click on the images below for the full size version. All images are 1024,768 resolution captured on a voodoo2 card, for best results use true colour desktop depth. You may use these images as your desktop wallpaper etc but please don’t publish them to another web site.

Arokh pissed off  Entrance to Alwarren  Death from behind  Inside the Temple

The islands at night  The lava Rune  Orc Splat  North bay

A kind of Magic  Tropics  Inside the rift world  Magic Bridge

Sneak attack  Succubus bay  Rift entrance  Volcano

Ahh, I got you!  Arokh helps out  A bit of teamwork  The grimstone genarator

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