TAG Fan Art

Fan art specific to The Ancient’s Gates. If you would like to submit your artwork please email me and I will put it on this page.

Click on the images for the full size version, use right click then ‘save as’ to save the image to your computer.

Drakan: Ancient's Gates Armour by Dave Robinson       Rynn Armour by Dave Robinson       Rynn Armour by Dave Robinson      Rynn Armour by Dave Robinson       Dragons of the Order by Dragonseeker  Rynn created with 3D Studio Max by Jan Roth                    Arokh by Beverly Lugg   Rynn's grandson, Rygar & his Dragon, Mezza Drool (new characters part of the new Order Reborn after the Drakan games)  [By Frostbite]     Dragon from the Drakan world drawn by Jessica Cull-Thomas (age 12)      Arokh (from TAG) drawn by Jessica Cull-Thomas (age 12)

      B/W art of a dragon by Dragonseeker     

Much more fan art can be found in the artist specific galleries below:-


Kali Nelson


Setsuna Shadow

Auralife (Deviant Art)

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