Arokh’s Lair is a fan site for Surreal Software’s games, Drakan: Order of the Flame (PC) and Drakan: The Ancient’s Gates (PS2). We are one of the longest running fan sites that are still active; we have been going since 1999 and still going strong! For the PC version, the prequel to the PS2 game, you will find reviews of single player add on levels, previews of upcoming add-ons, fan art & fan fiction created by talented Drakan fans and more. For the PS2 version, there is a fan art page and a forum where you can chat about the game with other fans and look for help if you are stuck.

Finally, there is a help section which some of you may find useful if you are encountering problems running PC Drakan on your machine. There are also some fixes for the annoying crash that sometimes occurs when exiting the city of Alwarren in Drakan: OOTF.

For a bit of nostalgia here are a few screenshots of previous incarnations of Arokh’s Lair:-



About our members:-

Arokh’s Twin (online ID Teekus) – Based in the UK and website owner which was started way back in 1999 and has had several redesigns since then. Owner of both games and has written all of the levels reviews found on this site. Works in the IT support industry and experienced with server installations, configuring & maintenance.

Shelim – Based in Poland and an very talented programmer, artist and animator. Has written all the non official patches for the game and offers support. Has put many long hours and effort into fixing Order of the Flame’s bugs and improving the engine to bring it up to modern Direct X standards.

Mechanist – Runs a game server based in Poland and has provided support for other players especially with installing the AIO patch.

UCyborg – Based in Slovenia and a very talented programmer who has spent significant time developing the AIO (All – In – One) patch for the game to fix long standing bugs and to bring the game up to modern standards. The game now runs on Windows 10 and multiplayer works.

YanGez93 – another one of our Polish members who was part way through remaking Drakan: OOTF in the unity engine. The game has now been changed to a unrelated new game with environments inspired by Drakan. This is a point and click to move system with an isometric camera that can be zoomed in to 3rd person similar to the Divinity: Original Sin games. No dragon riding though!

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