New multiplayer levels by Yangez93

As many of you know from our Discord community Yangez93 has been hard at work making new multiplayer maps for Drakan which are a bit different to the normal maps and make a nice change. These are now considered final versions and will be running on the multiplayer server from today. So if you want to join the server for a match you will need to download and install these maps even if you already have these on your computer. They have been updated in the last couple of days and if you don’t update your copy of the game you will get an error when joining the server or when the level changes you will be kicked automatically.

They can be found on the MP downloads page or direct link here. Please note that the file name is subject to change should any bugs be found and maps need to be updated. It was easier to put all new maps into a single download so that once you have installed the community patch any additional maps since the CP’s final release can be downloaded all at once. To install extract and copy the multiplayer folder to your drakan install folder overwriting any files if prompted.

Note that this only applies to the UK server (ID Arokhs Lair CP153.01 in the server browser) at the moment. The Poland server (ID Arokhs Lair may get updated in the future but if / when this happens it is unknown.

Speaking of the community patch, this is now considered final and since it’s developer has gone AWOL and we have no source code it won’t be getting updated with new maps.

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One Response to New multiplayer levels by Yangez93

  1. YanGez93 says:

    Hi 🙂 Really good that you mentioned this. I hope this will encourage new players to play, I also hope that some of members will create new maps not only multiplayer but also singleplayer and that maps will be included in future releases of this map pack 🙂