Ancient’s Gates

The Ancient’s Gates is a open world Action RPG developed by Surreal Software in Seattle and published by Sony for release on the Playstation 2. Originally to be a PC title called Drakan2: The Ancients Gates it was moved part way through development to the (then) new PS2 console as Psygnosis, the publisher of Order of the Flame was purchased by Sony and hence all it’s games became PS2 exclusives.

Unfortunately it was not received well as it was released at around the same time as Tomb raider and got a mixed bag of reviews many criticizing the game’s glitches and bugs. The game which looked to be like a AAA title was quickly forgotten but it still does have a cult following mainly by fans of the PC original, Order of the Flame although many were turned away once the news came that ‘Drakan2’ was to be for the PS2 only. This website was originally set up as a level reviews site for OOTF but we have added some information on it’s PS2 sequel.

Drakan:TAG features stunning graphics which push the PS2 hardware to it’s limits and is one of the only games where you can seamlessly move from human ground combat to dragonback air combat without a single loading screen. Well, except for changing areas or levels, maps whatever you want to call them. The game runs well on the older PS3’s that had backwards compatibility so if you have one of these or an old PS2 it’s well worth trying to find a copy.


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