Order of the Flame

Drakan: Order of the Flame is a PC game released in 1999 for Windows 95/98. For it’s time it featured a vast playable world with lush graphics and the only game where you can seamlessly move from human ground combat to dragonback combat and attack your enemies from the air. Considered well ahead for it’s time there hasn’t been another like it. A game recommended for Dragon fans.

Features of the game:

  • Lush world with several distinct areas each with their own graphical flair.
  • Typical medieval sound track
  • You can ride a dragon
  • Both underground and in the air combat blend seamlessly without loading screens
  • Multiplayer CTF, Queen of the Dragon, Air only, ground only
  • Did I mention you play as a human that can call her Dragon then ride him?
  • Level editor to make your own creations
  • The Dragon talks! Good sense of humor in the game that offsets it’s gritty theme

On newer operating systems the game does have some compatibility issues and these are resolved by the official patches (later unofficial ones once the developer went out of business) all of which you can find on this site. A level editor was released so players could make their own maps both single player and multiplayer and plenty of good levels can be found here on this site.

Please have a look around as we are one of the last Drakan sites and have everything we possibly can for this game.

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