Timeline of Events

The planet of Drakan is a large and vibrant world with several continents which have a wide variety of wildlife and creatures. It is a world with a troubled history and scarred landscapes which have been changed by wars and cataclysmic events over the centuries. The two games are set in a small area of this vast world but yet span several continents; OOTF (central + south eastern continents) TAG (central and northern continents) with the majority of the gameplay taking place in the Surdana province on the ‘Great central continent’ – the names of the other continents are not known.

Here is a timeline of events of the known histories and also includes the events of both the PC and PS2 games. Some PC single player add ons and fan fictions that do not contradict the story have also been included. Some of these stories can be found on surreal news. BDW =  Before end of the Dark Wars, ADW = After end of the Dark Wars.

BTW check out two other stories; ‘Drakan2 – the fan fiction’ and ‘The Darion Trilogy’ as alternate versions of what happens after the PC game!

The Chaos Age

– unknown years: Beginnings (fanfiction) – set a few hundred if not thousands of years before the Order was established. The tale is about a fight between a band of men and some nearby Dragons.

The Golden Age

-1000 years (410 BDW): Changetime (fanfiction) A story set more or less when the Order of the Flame was established – the time in Drakan’s history when the warring races of Dragon and Man were finally beginning to cooperate with each other…

-831 years (241 BDW): Arokh is born

-820 years (230 BDW): Arokh (fanfiction) set about 180 years after the order was formed. Its about Heron who accidentally finds the Dragonstone which was stolen some years ago. A lone tribe of dragons, not yet part of the Order visits Heron’s village to try and take it back to its rightful place.

-800 years (210 BDW): The uniting of heroes (fanfiction) set about 20 years after the story Arokh. It is about the meeting of Heron and Arokh which led to friendship and eventually bonding.

-615 years (25 BDW): winter at the top of the world (level) This centres around Lady Winter and her Dragon who uncover a plot to take the surrounding lands from the Order and claim it as their own. This is set when the various enemies began to appear that opposed the Order; the Dark Union itself was formed sometime afterwards.

-592 years 6months (4 BDW): Night and Day (fanfiction) A story spanning a number of months about an exiled noble who sets out to find new friends and allies and seek revenge on those who exiled him.

-593 years (3 BDW): Dortenne and its sequel (fanfiction) A couple of stories based around the life of an assassin who joins the Order just as the Dark Wars were starting. The second story continues where the first one left off.

===Info on what happened during the reign of the Order and the Dark Wars can be found by reading the background story to the PC game which you can read here.===

The Fallen Age

-1 to -590 years (0 – 590 ADW): (info taken from games and stories) Soon after the Dark Wars ended, an alien race called the Desert Lords invaded Drakan and bands of thieves and criminals destroyed the last remnants of civilization as it was known. The world plunged into lawless chaos further troubled by the invasion of the Desert Lords. The Order and all its bonded were now gone, the Mother of Dragons sending the last of the unbonded Dragons of the Elder Breed into eternal sleep, supposedly never again to return. Life in Drakan became harsh and only the strongest survived. Many humans were eventually forced to live like animals, hiding in caves away from the Desert Lords. Feral dragonlike creatures known as ‘blackwings’ and ‘crow dragons’ roamed the skies of Drakan making travelling difficult. These untamed creatures were never part of the Order and are not part of the Elder Breed but are referred to as ‘Dragons’ by the people of Drakan. Only the oldest generations had seen the Elder Breed of dragons…

-1 years: Navaros returns (590 ADW): Tired of the Desert Lords, the race of Succubi planned to try and defeat their enemy once and for all. They set about bringing Navaros back into the world by using a magical element called Grimstone to create a gate to breach the fabric of space between Drakan and the rift dimension. Navaros however had his own plans; once he was free he would take the world as his but to do this he would need the Runeblade once used by Heron and Arokh to expel him to the rift almost 600 years ago. As for the human population of Drakan, only one city and its surrounding district remained – Surdana, the district in which Rynn’s village resides…

The New Age

0 years (591 ADW): Drakan 1 and 2– In case you haven’t played the first game, this is where Rynn finds and bonds with Arokh and eventually goes on to destroy Navaros. She and Arokh successfully managed to destroy him for good but it came at a price – the death of her brother, Delon who was possessed by Navaros to serve as a new body for him. The rift was closed forever afterwards and the Runeblade, retrieved and reunited with its rift crystal was destroyed to prevent anyone from reopening the rift.

1 year (592 ADW): Search for Arokh (level) Since the defeat of the Dark Union, Rynn and Arokh have been travelling the world hunting down the last remnants of Navaros’s armies. They have not been home for a long time and sleep either in farmhouses belonging to farmers who’s lands they have protected or out in the wilderness. One day, Arokh is missing and Rynn suspects he has been captured and sets out to find him.

5 years 3 months (596 ADW): Valley of Storn (level) –  A powerful death mage had found the grave of an ancient dragon and subsequently awakened it. Arokh got to know of this winged horror and with Rynn’s help, he sets off to destroy it.

5 years 6 months (596 ADW): Anwynn (level) – Scattered remnants of the Dark Union have returned and started to terrorise a small community. Their leader has been conducting strange genetics creating new enemies from the dead remains of the Dark Union’s armies. Rynn and Arokh are called upon to put a stop to it all.

7 years (598 ADW): Mnar along the river Ai (level) – Arokh has been captured and taken away to the land of Mnar to be possessed by a powerful necromancer. Rynn is near the land of Anwynn when he is taken and she goes to visit the wizard she spoke to some time ago which was when she was called upon to put a stop to the remnants of The Bringer’s army terrorising a small community.

7 years 2 days (598 ADW): Southern Isles (level) Now that Rynn had rescued Arokh, they continued to try and find out more about this new enemy, and were eventually led to a small kingdom deep in the islands of the southern sea. There they met the local population who told them about strange creatures roaming around at night and other strange happenings. Rynn and Arokh set off to investigate but soon end up trouble…

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