Fan Art & desktops

Fan art and official desktop wallpaper for the game and dragon wallpaper which was originally made for Surreal but was never used in the final product. If you would like to submit your Drakan artwork please email me and I will put it on this page.

Click on the images for the full size version, use right click then ‘save as’ to save the image to your computer.

Concept screenshot to show off game engine  Drakan desktop by GlyphX - screenshots added by me  Concept image of Arokh (not created by Surreal Software) Copyrighted image!  Official Drakan wallpaper  Rynn and Arokh on the beach by Oneth  Rynn and Arokh By Oneth  Order of the Flame by Firetalon Arokh by Oneth  Lara mod by Owl  Rynn and Arokh by Rachel Sanford  Defeating Navaros by Rachel Sanford  Arokh's Head by Rachel Sanford  Teamwork by Oneth  Rynn by Yanka
Rynn by Drakean


Drakan Promo image (enhanced)  - No Border

Drakan Promo Poster enhanced with border

Much more fan art can be found in the artist specific galleries below:-


Kali Nelson

Setsuna Shadow

Please note these images are copyrighted and are used with permission from their respective owners. You may NOT redistribute them without permission i.e. publish them to your own site or say that they are your own work. You may use them for personal use e.g. for a desktop background.  Note to webmasters: Please do not link directly to these images.

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