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Here are all the upcoming levels & series that are still in development – note that some have been removed at the request of the author or don’t have enough information to mention it here; please see the news pages for announcements. Many of the level series are complete sequels to the game due to the lack of a PC version of the official sequel, Drakan: The Ancient’s Gates. However, it has been years since any updates so I’m guessing they will never see the light of day. I have put the incomplete works on the single player levels page if you want to take a look – please do they are really good. If you are making a level or series of levels for Drakan, please let me know and Ill mention it on this page.

Journey to Azenera (4 of 14 levels complete, (Series cancelled until further notice)

There is a 14 level single player add on in development for Drakan by Zeoc which continues where the game left off. For those of you who didn’t know, this was originally called ‘Across the Meridian’. Its now called ‘Journey to Azenera’ and the first 2 levels have already been released. I took a look at it and its absolutely awesome; I think its as every bit as good as the original game. If this gets finished and if you aren’t going to buy PS2Drakan, this could be considered Drakan2 for you!


Doomsday (demo complete, 6 of 12 levels done. On hold as of 23/01/04)

The sequel to Assassin’s excellent so called ‘PC Drakan2’ mod, War of a Dark Age, Doomsday is an ambitious sounding level series which is set some 10 years after the events of the aforementioned series. In case you didn’t know, War of a Dark Age was created as an alternative to Drakan: The Ancient’s Gates so PC owners who do not own a PS2 at least have an unofficial sequel. You can find out more about it on the SP levels page and a dedicated page to doomsday can be found here.

 Other upcoming single player levels (shorts)

Info on these are a bit scarce but I have listed all levels that I know of that are still ‘work in progress’ which may or may not be completed. Good quality add on levels take a long time to make and most of them were planned due to the lack of a PC version of the sequel to Order of the Flame. These level series will have dedicated pages made for them as more information is made available but brief details on each one can be found below. I will put an approximate release date once the level(s) near completion.

Joaxin’s Relic by Mage150 (ETA when its done) This will be Mage150’s version of what happens after the PC game and will be another so-called Drakan2 for the PC. Note that the storyline is no way connected to the official sequel or the other PC Drakan2’s such as Journey to Azenera and War of a Dark Age. There is not much information at the moment but updates will be posted on the forums, so please check there for the latest info. The development board is here.

A quick update today (29th Aug ’04) – This is still in progress but was on hold for a while due to incompatibility with Windows XP and Drakan’s level editor. Now Mage150 has set up Win98 as well, work can continue.

Update 28th May 2009: No further work has been done on this and as far as I can remember a lot of work done since the last update was lost due to a computer virus. I would say this is cancelled for now.

Aergoth by Dfoehammer (1 of 10 levels done) This so far has been released unfinished but so far its undoubtedly the best single player level I have seen.  You can download the incomplete series with levels 1 and most of level 2 playable here. The level series is set six centuries before the games and revolves around a female warrior who wishes to join the Order to fight in the war.

Update on this 24th January 2006: This is now back in the hands of its original creator and a further update will be posted in 3 or 4 weeks time. I don’t know what work Yami did (the guy who took over last year) but nothing was released by him to my knowledge. Hopefully we will see this finished.

Belated update 24th June 2007: Work has been done on this level series since the last update and I did a playtest of a small part of it today to check framerate and texturing etc. The original part of the demo is also included but now it has been merged into one big level. There will still be several levels to the game though, probably around 5. No idea on an ETA yet but its looking increasingly likely it will be completed sometime in 2008.

Update 28th May 2009: Managed to contact author who says he is still working on it in bits and bats but not as often as he would like. As always will post any news here but it is looking like it will be a long time before it is finished if at all.

The Country by Vader Darth (demo done, 3 levels complete, on hold until further notice)

This will be a 10 level series which will feature many RPG like things from The Ancient’s Gates and Assassin’s War of a Dark Age such as a trading system etc. There isn’t much info at the moment but one of the new features will be the ability to buy your own property, after you gain enough money first that is. Gaining money will be via quests and employment (yes, even the world of Drakan requires that you get a job and earn money 🙂 and via your slain enemies.

The level series will be more of a RPG such as War of a Dark age which should make it more interesting to play. Its not known yet at what period in Drakan’s timeline the levels will be set but I’m guessing it will be either during the so called ‘Golden Age’ 600 years before the games or set after ‘The Ancient’s Gates’. The character you play is a bit vague at the moment, its just a hero in the world of Drakan.

Demo can be downloaded here & Mage150 is lending a hand with this one so it’s gonna be good.

Update 18th April 2005: Work has stopped on this due to lack of interest from the Drakan community and to work on multiplayer levels instead. Once these are complete, work may continue.

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