Updated map pack, tournament and other things

Yangez93 has made some changes to the “Bloodland” map which had some bugs which caused a game crash. This has now been fixed and added to the map pack so if you find the game server is running this map you will need to update your player made map pack by downloading it from the downloads page.

Secondly there is a Drakan tournament taking place this weekend (19-20th June 2021) where three ground maps are played on the 18th followed by three air maps on the 19th. For more information please join our discord server if you want to take part.

Thirdly, this website has been blacklisted again for hosting malicious files; as some of you know MalwareBytes and other anti malware software incorrectly identify the game files as malware. This has caused the site to be de-listed from Google and blacklisted by several web browser protection software. So if you have McAfee or MalwareBytes browser guard enabled you won’t be able to download any files from this site. Please disable or bypass it until this issue is resolved. You can also download the map pack from our discord server if needed.

Lastly the comments now work properly. This was because of a change in WordPress since version 5.5 causing older themes to not display the comments even though they are enabled. A simple line of code change in the site theme was required and all working now.

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One Response to Updated map pack, tournament and other things

  1. YanGez93 says:

    Very good that you posted news about a new update for the map pack and mentioned the Drakan Tournament. Rather I wanted to leave fan made creation, so decided to make some changes to Bloodland map instead removing it from map list. Third thing is unfortunately bad news, I hope we’ll handle this soon.