Rynn is a young woman in her early twenties who grew up in a small remote village situated in the foothills of the mountains on the great central continent of Drakan. Like almost all small human settlements, life was hard work; a constant struggle to survive from one winter to the next and the threat from neighbouring Wartocks was ever present. Many families were very poor and mainly relied on income from selling weapons and other wares to the various traders that sometimes passed by. Journeys to the nearest town in the district were few and far between. After the death of her parents in a Wartock raid, she was left alone to look after her younger brother Delon but she was often aided by the village priest, Atimar who quickly became like an uncle to them.

Rynn, although at heart a simple village girl and not very well educated, made up for it in exceptional combat skills which she learnt quickly after the death of her parents when her hatred for the Wartocks was the strongest. Within time, she was promoted to one of the village guards and was known as a respectable and honourable fighter amongst her village people. She is often very over confident, believing she can deal with almost anything as long as it involved her sword…


Delon was Rynn’s younger brother approximately half her age but he was a strong boy and eager to learn new skills. He was very close to Rynn; she acted like a mother to him since the death of their parents when he was about 5 years old. He enjoyed reading the various stories and folklore from Drakan’s past but the legend of the Order of the Flame interested him the most. He soon learnt that their village once belonged to the warrior Heron and his bonded soul mate, Arokh and he became fascinated with them both. It was also rumoured that the boy had magical abilities, which if trained properly may lead to becoming a mage.

This power soon came to the attention of a long thought dead enemy and one day, he was captured in an attack on the village prompting Rynn to undertake the journey of her lifetime to try and rescue him from the clutches of evil.


The priest of the village, Atimar was a good friend to Rynn and Delon; He wasn’t related but acted like an uncle to them and looked after them after the raid on the village in which their parents and friends were lost. He taught the legends of the Order of the Flame to the people of the village but many saw him as just an old fool telling of crazy stories that couldn’t possibly be true. Atimar was also the only person who knew the location of the Runeblade and Arokh’s soul crystal – he was the holder of the key to Heron’s tomb, kept a secret until now. Atimar is a ancestor of one of the surviving humans of the Great War and the key to Heron’s tomb was passed from generation to generation under the strict oath that it should remain a secret until the time was right. Rynn was sceptical about the Order; she was one of the villagers that believed Atimar was just telling silly stories but the legend eventually proved to be true and not a myth at all. 


Arokh is a living legend who served in the Order of the Flame over 600 years before Rynn’s time. He is a fire dragon of the Elder Breed and originally came from the warmer, south eastern continent where he was born along with his two brothers and one sister. When he was very young, he decided to seek new lands and adventure and travelled with his father to Surdana, the district in which Rynn’s village is situated. His father soon joined the Order leaving Arokh to more or less fend for himself which formed an instant bitter relationship between father and son. Angry and disillusioned and unable to travel home again, Arokh settled down and some years later, met Heron, an early 40’s aged warrior who served as a protector for his village and its people. After being friends for a few months, the two decided to bond and become members of the Order of the Flame, which had been around for many years ensuring peace throughout the world. Together they served in the Order for a couple of hundred years – Heron benefiting from Arokh’s long life span and within time they became highly respected and skilled warriors.

Tragically after about 400 years of the Order’s reign, a huge war broke out between the Order and the Dark Union, one of the Order’s greatest foes, lead by the traitor war mage Navaros and his dragon Kaeros. Eventually, after 3 years of fighting, the Order’s forces were seriously depleted and they arranged a last stand against Navaros. Heron and Arokh were entrusted with the Runeblade – a powerful sword that could open rifts which they used to try and kill Navaros. Unfortunately, victory came at a price; the forces unleashed upon Navaros’s defeat resulted in Heron’s death along with the remnants of the Order with him. Navaros himself was sucked into the rift when the runeblade pierced his heart. Arokh and Rimril were the only survivors of that last battle and afterwards Arokh, saddened by the death of his bonded and his entire family, returned to his cave to go into eternal sleep. His soul crystal was buried within Heron’s tomb beneath the village temple.

The great red dragon is a knowledgeable and intelligent creature who speaks very politely and distinctly upper class. He is a magnificent beast with an almost perfect, well formed muscular body and he knows how handsome he looks – and he’s proud of it. He tends to fancy himself and like most male dragons, believes he is god’s gift to females.

With his high opinion of himself and his reputation, he likes to associate himself with high ranking military and the nobles of the world rather than ‘ordinary people’. He has little time for common villagers and farmers regarding them worthless and not of much use to society. In fact he enjoys his authority and gets a kind of sadistic pleasure from making people kneel before him and lick his feet. He worked hard during his life to accomplish his status symbol and is proud to be the saviour of the world and his achievement even though it resulted in the loss of his first bonded. Rynn however was the one to break some of these past traits and solitude within the dragon and despite his sarcasm and nasty attitude, Arokh has a good sense of humour and often jokes and laughs with his bonded as their friendship develops over the course of the games.


Werokh is a white ice dragon a common creature found in the mountains where Rynn lived. They are unlike most dragons as they have fur rather than scales so they can survive in their cold habitat. Werokh was a devoted friend of Arokh’s; they had known each other for a long time and they became closer when they joined the Order. Werokh’s rider was killed during the Dark Wars, which resulted in him being encased in stone – a phenomenon that occurs upon the dragon’s soul mate’s death.

Unfortunately, 600 years later, the Dark Union reborn had found his soul crystal and awakened him so he could serve them instead. His mind was corrupted by the Dark Union’s dark magic and he became Arokh’s worst enemy unbeknownst to him.


Rimril was the 4th Archmage of the Order, the only other survivor of the final battle. Not much is known about him but after the final battle he took the rift crystal to his fortress to look after it for all eternity. Rimril eventually died but was resurrected as a spirit being so he could stand watch over the crystal to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Should the crystal be required again, a bonded human must first pass the test of the tower originally used to test new members of the Order many centuries ago. That was not all, to further safeguard the rift crystal, only Rimril himself would allow access and people he deemed suitable were very few and far between. Rimril was unfortunately killed for good by Queen Shilla and her minions when she tried to enter the tower to find Rynn leaving Rynn and Arokh the only known survivors of the Order of the Flame.

Queen Shilla

A fat, ugly creature who is the queen of the Succubi, strange beings which look like women with red bat like wings. Succubi are native to the south-eastern continent but are sometimes found in warmer climates of other continents of the world. They are not normally evil creatures but the Dark Union reborn corrupted them and used them to undertake the task of bringing back Navaros from the rift. They are not to be underestimated, they can cast powerful energy bolts, which suck out a creature’s life-force and use it to their advantage.

Queen Shilla is the most powerful of them all, and although she cannot cast energy bolts, she has an unusual alternative weapon! She gets her life force like any other Succubi – they all have the ability to seduce any male creature and then afterwards nail them to the lair walls, returning occasionally to feed on their life force. Only Arokh had the ability to escape from her seductive powers, which would have been tragic if she had succeeded.


This man needs no introduction; he was the cause of the Order’s downfall and 600 years later responsible for resurrecting the Dark Union and causing the death of Delon. Once a respected member of the Order he became evil and eventually set about destroying the Order of the Flame together with his huge army of Wartocks gathered in secret over the last few years of the Order’s rule. The Dark Wars broke out and cites and civilisations were destroyed on both sides. This went on for a few years until eventually his mortal form was slain by Heron and Arokh and his soul was sucked into a rift opened by the sword, Runeblade. The Dark Wars were over and the remaining dragons of the Order went into eternal sleep awaiting a time when they would be needed again.

600 years later, Navaros’s essence in the rift managed to seep out into the world and once again the Dark Union was resurrected. His plans of world domination was cut short however when Arokh destroyed him for good in the rift world putting an end to one major threat to the world of Drakan…

More character info coming soon. A note to people who have not played the PC prequel to ‘The Ancient’s Gates’ – you can find the backstory of Drakan here if you have no idea what I’m on about in the character descriptions.

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