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Here you will find fan fiction and stories written by talented fans. Most of these stories are in Rich Text format which is compatible with the majority of word processing programs and it’s the best format for printing. Some of these stories were written due to the lack of a PC version of the official sequel so they are the author’s view of what happened after the PC game.

Most of these stories are very long and I have read them all and found them to be an enjoyable read. There are a couple of adult only stories which have not been included because they took the relationship between Rynn and Arokh too far ahem ūüôā however their authors have them elsewhere on the web if you want to google for them. Please note however, these stories are used with permission of the author so please don’t reproduce them other for personal use without permission. Thanks.

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The Order Reborn (multiple writers) (Rich Text)  (HTML)  (EPUB)

This is the entire events of the two Drakan games in story form. Some events have been changed  so it sounds more like a story than a game and it makes enjoyable reading. It tells the story of the developing friendship between the human and the dragon as they embark on an epic quest to restore the long lost Order of the Flame. This was contributed to by many members of the Drakan community and is a very long read. It took months to write this and I hope you enjoy it.

Beginnings by Firetalon (HTML)

A medium length story set hundreds if not thousands of years before the Order of the Flame. Its about a band of men who tire of the local Dragon population and start a fight with them. There are a few tense moments in this tale which makes enjoyable reading. This is one of my favourites.

 Arokh the Dragon by Arokh  (Rich Text)

A short tale set about 180 years after the order was formed. Its about Heron who accidentally finds the Dragonstone which was stolen some years ago. A lone tribe of dragons, not yet part of the Order visits Heron’s village to try and take it back to its rightful place.

Uniting of Heroes by Arokh’s Twin (Rich Text)¬†¬†

A medium length story about the meeting of Heron and Arokh which led to friendship and eventually bonding. This was originally written for the Surreal-news lore contest but I didn’t have time to enter it.

 A Tale of Dragons by multiple authors (HTML)

This story was originally on the Surreal-news forums. It was an ongoing story project, contributed to by anyone who wanted to write a section or two. The story was eventually drawn to a close and after some time it was put on this site. It has been edited slightly for continuity errors and to remove a few contradictions. A Tale of Dragons is set some time after the PC game ended and centres around Rynn and Arokh continuing to battle the Dark union reborn. Note that this story is an alternative to Drakan 2 (TAG) as it was written before the game was finished & it’s ‘official’ story was known.

 Drakan2: The fan fiction by Shadow of Light (Rich Text)

This is a fantastic 3 chapter story, by far the best fan fiction so far; its very well written as Shadow of Light is a professional writer. As you might of guessed its her version of what happened after the PC game and it is a direct continuation. This story is awesome!

 The Darion trilogy part 1 by Assassin (Rich Text)

This is the first in a trilogy of stories by Assassin. This one is about Darion, a war hero who joins the Order just before Navaros began the Dark wars. The story spans the 3 year war between the Order and the Dark Union in which both were destroyed.

 The Darion trilogy part 2 by Assassin (Rich Text)  

The continuation of the series. This is set just after Rynn and Arokh had defeated Navaros in the rift. I won’t tell you what happens as it may give the ending away of the above story.

 The Darion Trilogy part 3 by Assassin (Rich Text)

The third part in the series which draws to the final conclusion, its the direct sequel to the story above.

Dortenne: A beginning and an end by Assassin (Rich Text) 

This story centres around an assassin who joins the Order of the Flame just as the Dark Wars were starting which was around 600 years before Rynn’s time.

 Dortenne: Heroes Needed by Assassin (Rich Text)

The sequel to Dortenne: A beginning and an end, it continues where the other story left off.

 Changetime by Assassin (Rich Text)

A medium length story set just before the Order of the Flame was established – the time in Drakan’s history when the warring races of Dragon and Man were finally beginning to cooperate with each other…

Encounter by Assassin (Rich Text)

Another story by Assassin, this one is a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy which is set in the world of Drakan around the time the Order of the Flame was established. The storyline is a bit strange but it could possibly fit in with the rest of Drakan’s backstory depending on how you perceive it.

 Night and Day by Assassin (Rich Text)

A story set approximately 6 months before Navaros’s betrayal and spans the same period, this is about an exiled noble who finds new allies and vows revenge on those who exiled him.

 Eternity by Assassin (Rich Text)

This story is actually a prequel to Night and Day and follows one of the characters from the aforementioned story. The story overlaps part of the above storyline but does not contradict anything.

Copyright information 

You may download these fan fiction works for your own personal use but MAY NOT publish them to another site without permission from the author and / or Arokh’s Lair webmaster. You MAY NOT link to these stories directly; please link to the fan fiction page only. They are offered free of charge and without any warranty. Some content may be unsuitable for younger readers. Warnings on such will be given in the download.¬† Drakan page for other works that are not published here

Drakan: The Ancient’s Gates fan fiction (Italian)

Backstory of Kaeros – Navaros’s dragon (German)

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