Drakan Multiplayer Matches of 28th June 2020. And new Combat Master title for Jav95

Recently in 28th of July 2020 there were Multiplayer matches where played 9 players! It was really high number of players in comparing to previous matches after Drakan revival project. Noone expect that server will be full that would host for maximum 8 players.

Players:Teekus, [LGC]Arthrebi, [LGC]retolo, Jav95, Melber , Szymana, Blaczumba, [LGC]Loliburta and me YanGez

According to moderators approval, for won matches title of Combat Master {CM} awarded for Jav95. Jav95 is with us quite long, since August 2018, he was also very good player before this event. Because map list was approved and considered as balanced, Jav95 used his combat skills, intelligence in game and of course strategy in ground maps that made him winner of these matches. Of course, he has to defend his title, if there will be player that wants to get Combat Master title, he has to win in duel map both ground and air. We wish that new ranks will encourage other players to arrange new MP matches, and above all players will have fun.

There is still title {SDM} stands for Supreme Dragon Master, but actual owner of this title Mechanist is inactive in Arokh’s Lair forums and in Drakan Discord Channel, we hope that someday he’ll return, let leave this title to him. Combat Master {CM} rank is of course newest innitiative of moderators of Arokh’s Lair

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One Response to Drakan Multiplayer Matches of 28th June 2020. And new Combat Master title for Jav95

  1. admin says:

    Was a good match for the short time I joined. Now that I’ve increased the server player limit more will be able to play. Should not have an effect on performance as the game server software is 20 years old…

    But yeah, was good to see a lot of players again.