Argonians (Skyrim)

It’s not Drakan related but I came back to playing Skyrim this last week and had a thought – wouldn’t it be great if this game engine was used for a Drakan like game? Yeah, right that will never happen but however Skyrim does have some cool races to play as.. the Argonians. True, they kinda sucked in previous Elder Scrolls games but this time they look great. The vanilla preset faces are not very creative, different, yes but if you play around with the character creation screen you can make some great looking characters.

I chose an Argonian for the first playthrough but I didn’t do the ‘evil’ questlines just main + civil war and a few player made maps. So I decided to make a new character which I used an earlier save and just edited the character to make him look more dragon like and just plain mean looking. I’m going to use him to do the thieves guild and dark brotherhood quest lines.

Here’s my original character, Teekus (the big Argonian on the left) who’s the good guy

Teekus the Dragonborn Argonian

Teekus looking rather badass wearing Argonian Mercenary Armor

And my second, named ‘Slays-Many-Elves’ the really mean and badass looking bad guy which I’m quite impressed with if I don’t say so myself :);


My second Argonian character who looks rather tough and mean looking. Took a while to create him. No mods were used aside from the armour he's wearing.

There’s a discussion topic I made over on the forums as public posting here is disabled for now and a link to my online screenshots here where you can download full HD versions.

I might go and get the creation kit and see what I can do with it…


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  1. Arokhs Twin says:

    I have now made these two characters into presets for Skyrim and also the character Slays-Many-Elves into a follower.

    So if you want your Skyrim Argonian to look like one of mine or want a great follower just head over to my steam page

    Of course the armour is not included in the screenshots but these two Argonians are both pretty badass and tough looking especially the red tinted male named Slays-Many-Elves.

    If you use the retail version of Skyrim or other non steam version my mods can also be downloaded from Nexusmods.