Arokh’s Lair Drakan multiplayer servers

We are pleased to announce that there are now two Drakan multiplayer servers active; one of them is open 24/7.

They are maintained up-to-date with the newest version of the Community Patch.

Both of them are set up to register with the master servers, so they should be automatically found by the Drakan server browser, without players having to enter the server IP addresses and ports manually. If that fails to work for any reason, try adding the servers manually: they are (port 38013) and (port 27046).

However, if you find yourself unable to connect (server is visible, but refuses connections), this is usually caused by running an older patch version than the server;Β in that case please update your copy of the game with the AiO patch linked above.

Our servers use a lot of fanmade levels. It wouldn’t be practical to list them all here, so we recommend new players to instead download and use the Drakan Gold Pack Enhanced (also available on the same page as the AiO patch), which already contains all of the player-created levels.

Note that a newly-created level has recently been added to the servers: “Revival” by mage150. Although included in the Drakan Gold Pack Enhanced, it isn’t present in the AiO patch download. Patch users, please download the level here and install it by following the instructions in the included readme file.

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One Response to Arokh’s Lair Drakan multiplayer servers

  1. YanGez93 says:

    Yes, it’ll be essential that player download newest version of AiO Patch to Drakan and Drakan Gold Pack. But someone can not handle it(because new version of patch released) so there is problem πŸ™‚ It is possible to make some information in multiplayer server? For example write information in title with version of AiO patch.

    For me, it is great that there we have permanent Drakan:OOTF server πŸ™‚