Drakan 2018 multiplayer match

So with the AIO patch it is possible to play Drakan online again. Two of us have tested it and it has worked well with the occasional CTD but it was playable. Let’s play this game again; we have a couple of dates which are 17th of June & the 8th of July 2018 (sundays) which should be fine for most players. I will host a dedicated server on this dates which will be running all weekend and monitored for any crashes during the day.

Here is what you will need:-

The latest AIO patch or gold repack enhanced (recommended) which is discussed at length with download links on Arokh’s Lair forums hereĀ https://arokhslair.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3765

This must be installed or the game will either not work or even if it does you will get an error saying your files do not match the server. I will try and host a dedicated server on IP so you will need to add this to your server list by selecting join game and entering the IP above.

The server will be running from time to time before these dates as I experiment with different settings. With the AIO patch Hamachi etc should not be required but can fall back on this if we have problems. Feel free to try and connect to my server (if running) and post on the forum topic here if it works out or not. This will give us some ideas on how to fix them if possible.

Secondly we will be using Discord for voice chat. Invite link is available upon request; please PM me or Mechanist on the forums for the link or see our steam group.

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