Drakan turns 20 today!

Drakan: Order of the Flame was released in the USA exactly 20 years ago today. Several of us managed to get a few multiplayer matches in however sadly I couldn’t make it but that does not mean that I won’t play again in the future. Drakan’s playerbase has increased thanks to the community patch but it seems to be dwindling now. A handful of us still play so if you are interested in multiplayer check out our discord server. BTW the EU release date was 20th August 1999 so hopefully there will be more matches on that date. There are currently two active servers on which you can play on bringing the total number of players playing at once to 16.

As a side note I have implemented secure HTTPS across the whole site which broke some things. I think I’ve fixed it but if any content isn’t working for you let me know on the forum or email the webmaster address.

Finally I think this will be the last year this website will exist in this form at least. I’ve renewed both arokhslair.net and arokhslair.com but I probably will not do so next year and instead move this website to a subdomain of my personal web space so it will not be lost. I may even host it at home on my netgear NAS box as I’ve already tested this and it works albeit slowly on the forums. I will make my decision on this depending on visitors, forum posts and cost of web hosting.

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