Updated multiplayer server list

OK, so there seems to be a problem with Drakan not finding game servers with the built in browser. Could be just me but it seems the game fails to get the available server list from the master server. One of our forum members has let me know he has a 24.7 server running and it does work if you add the IP address manually. Go to join game in the multiplayer screen, click add server and then type the following IP address into the box and press OK. Double click on the new server and enjoy!

IP address of 24/7 server (thelastweyrofdrakan)

IP address of Arokh’s lair server (eve / weekends GMT only)

You can also use this website or this one to see the list of servers currently registered with the gamespy master server. I’d suggest that first as IP addresses are subject to change. Please see earlier posts or visit the forums for up to date information on multi player servers & games. The calendar can also be used to organize matches and games.

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