We are still here!

Just a quick update today just to let you know we are still here. Things have gone well since we changed to the new forum software last year and we have had a lot of new members admittedly most of them Blade of Darkness fans rather than Drakan. There has been a few tech support requests so people are still playing the game and trying to make levels. Other than that there hasn’t been any Drakan news to comment on recently but rest assured any updates will be posted here.

I did a Google search today and found the Drakan ‘novel’ which is the events of both games in story form has turned up on several eBook sites to which I did not submit. This is OK with me but the story is something I was really never happy with. I read it again today and a lot of parts made me cringe and were poorly written; don’t get me wrong the story has had a lot of good comments and reviews so somebody likes it; its just I think it could be better. The trouble is that the book was written by several people and it shows. I can’t help feeling that the love between Rynn and Arokh went too far (as the original did until I removed it – the author who that put that in there went too far I think…) Unfortunately I can’t remember who wrote what so although I’d like to re-write it I can’t really but I would like to change some parts and flesh it out a bit. I’m no professional writer but I might give it a go sometime. Any updated versions will appear on this site and memoware.com and fanfiction.net.

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