Level of the year 2011

This year’s best player made level goes to Dfoehammer for his level series Aergoth. This level series although unfinished is by far the best fan made add on level for the game and is our highest scoring level series reviewed to date. It rivals the retail levels in every way – the lighting, level design and everything is done to minute detail with some great scripted events.

The story of this level is where it is set aside from the plethora of ‘Drakan 2’ and ‘Drakan 3’ level series and maps which are set after the PC and PS2 games. This is actually set BEFORE the PC game during the last years of the Order’s reign and instead of playing as Rynn / Arokh you play as new characters.

The first and part of the second level series is currently complete – there is a very small chance that the level series will be continued but it would be very disappointing if it was stuck in limbo. If you are interested in expanding your Drakan play through new levels I strongly suggest you give this a try. You can download the level here.

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