New multiplayer server

I’m testing a new game server using the hamachi network as it seems the most reliable way of hosting multiplayer matches. In case you don’t know what hamachi is, well its a really useful utility that enables you to set up a private network so that all connected users appear to be on a local LAN. Please visit our forums for the username and password so you can try it.

I was able to test it with another player but he kept getting disconnected. It would be great to test this further; the server will be running retail levels and working most evenings and weekends GMT time.

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5 Responses to New multiplayer server

  1. FateOffRynn says:

    I`m really interested in this server.I`m playing with hamachi with a friend of mine but I have the `Engine stopped working` problem.

    • admin says:

      I stopped using Hamachi as it was causing severe lag. My game crashes too with the same problem the only way I can resolve it is use the 10th Anniversary patch. However if you apply this patch you can only play on servers that are also running the patched version.

      • FateOffRynn says:

        Our problems is one. On some levels The Engine stops working after 15-20 sec. even if you are the only one in the server.Do you know any solution for this problem ?

        • admin says:

          No, I have the same issue and am unable to resolve it. Installing the 10th Anniversary patch does fix it though but the downside to that is you can only play on servers running the same patch. Mine is running the patch but is only running when my PC is switched on.

  2. FateOffRynn says:

    Аt least we can play on 4 or 5 maps without problems but we really wont to play in other servers.