Forum members that last visited before Aug 2012 read on…

There has been an increase in older forum members coming back to us (that’s a good thing) 🙂 who haven’t visited this site since we changed from Snitz 2000 based forum to PHPBB3 last year. An unfortunate side effect of this change was all the passwords had to be reset as they are encrypted and could not be imported. This basically means that if you last visited before August 2012 you can’t log in – I did mass email all members about this but some may not have received it. I also have put a sticky topic on the forums but it seems members are missing it.

Rather than re-register for another account, instead recover your password by clicking the ‘forgot password’ link on the forum login screen and you will be emailled a new one which you can then log in and change. However if you have changed your email address since you last visited then this won’t work – if this is the case just drop me an email and I will change it for you. Ill need old and new email addresses, username & previous ISP to confirm it’s you and not a spammer though.

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