10 Years of Drakan

Someone dropped me an email recently to say he has found a workaround for no music when running the game on Vista. The fix can be found on the tips and help page. Thanks to S. Kobold for this.

Also a Drakan fan under the name of Wan Dragonica sent me a link to some fan art hosted over at deviantart. It’s not possible to put it on this web site so here is a link to it. Drakan-Arokh-Rynn-130054506.

Finally, it is now 10 years this month the game was released so a massive get together is being organised. A lot of the old players will be there so please check the forums and the event calendar for more information on the upcoming multiplayer event. There are a couple of threads where you can talk to old friends and new. If you can make it and Drakan works on your current PC, please come along!

Please go to www.drakanbonded.com for further information and to register your participation in the tournament.

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