Mod & level of the year 2009

I have started to mention some of the truly great Drakan add on levels we have had in the past by a yearly award which should breathe some new life into this site and make people aware of some lost works. The first year’s award goes to Assassin for his truly phenonemal attempt at converting Drakan into an RPG (well adding RPG elements) which ideas came from the PS2 sequel.

Like other add on levels released between 2001 and 2004 this was made due to the lack of a PC official sequel but unlike most of the others this one actually got finished. It is an alternate story where Rynn and Arokh never returned from the rift at the end of OOTF therefore you play as new characters. It is actually set 200 years after the PC game ended. It’s not perfect by any means and the level design & lighting isn’t as good as the other efforts but Assassin deserves full marks for effort in adding features such as buying items through a money system, multiple endings, RPG elements and much more.

I have made a full in depth review here where you can also download the level series – or modification to be more precise.

Assassin continued the level series in it’s sequel, Doomsday which is set 10 years afterwards but sadly he cancelled it due to limitations of the Riot engine. Assassin wanted to do more and switched to another game engine which made the game standalone but then that later fell foul of copyright infringements and was removed.

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