Beware of pirated versions of the game

Just a quick heads up. As you all know this game is no longer being sold and copies are only generally available on eBay or if you are lucky second hand game stores. The developer; Surreal Software are defunct but the game is still owned by Sony and therefore still copyrighted. It is not abandonware and sites hosting the game for download are doing so illegally. However some players have resorted to downloading from dodgy websites and we can confirm that the version that is on myabandonware does NOT work so if you have tried to get this working you will find that some files are missing and some are much larger in file sizes than the original legitimate files. Alarm bells should be ringing there!

Unfortunately the only way to get Drakan OOTF is keep hunting on eBay. Beware copies tend to sell for silly money! Drakan: TAG is more readily available though and is easier to find.


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