Community Patch released

Mechanist has been hard at work creating a community patch which will make updating the game much easier especially if you play multiplayer. The patch contains the latest AIO patch and any updated SP and MP community made levels and bug fixes to existing ones. If you play Drakan single player only you can download the AIO patch but it’s recommended to use the community patch.

To install the patch you will need the full version of the game installed. Note the 445 patch is not required anymore as this patch supersedes it. Then download and run the latest community patch, which can be found on our downloads page and the installer will automatically detect your Drakan installation and update the files as needed. It will work exactly like the 445 patch installer except for it will also update any maps / levels required for multiplayer. Current build 135.01rc0, game version should show 377/447 after install.

Thanks to Mechanist for his hard work!

On a side note I found that the master server query is intermittently not showing one or both of the game servers. If you do not have any servers showing in the available servers list manually add them by clicking on ‘Add Server’ and enter the details for the two multiplayer servers which are (port 38013) and (port 27046). You can also see the status of any multiplayer servers on 333 Network’s website at

There is also a forum discussion topic which can be found by following this link.

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