Drakan Multiplayer Matches of 23th August 2020

It has been a few weeks since the last MP event, so we planned to arrange another MP event. We played 23th August 2020. Because of timezone some of users played before these matches. There are couple changes for MP including shorter time of one round( before there was 25 minutes) we change for 15 minutes as it should be enough and we’ll be sure that we could play on more maps instead be bored on one map. We played mixed maps: QoD, ground, air and additional fan made maps. On Drakan Discord we’ll introduce on #faqs-and-multiplayer-rules some updates MP rules soon, this channel has been updated mostly for FAQs. Also please, if you have ideas for next maps, also let me know, we’ll try to make next multiplayer maps for next MP matches, make sure you have recent new MP map pack, if you have problem with installing it, also let us know.

Thank you for playing, it was really fun to play. Players: YanGez, Melber, Jav95, Jage and Rev. It was quite short and we have some difficulties because game crashes probably reason was server issues. Teekus already made changes for server so for next MP matches should be everything OK


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