News page now members only

Seem as hardly anyone posts anything Drakan related on the front page and I spend more time nowadays deleting spam and bogus registrations I have disabled the ability for anyone to register and post. We do have various anti – spam mods and systems in place but they are not working properly or as well as they should and I don’t know why. I could look into it further but I can’t really be arsed for now. Maybe will sort it out later.

This front news page is only for the Arokh’s Lair team to use and post news and updates – if you want to join the team to post news and would like an account just let me know. If you have already set up an account before I made the change you will still be able to post as normal.

Of course the forum is still open for anyone to join and post so if you are new to this site and would like to discuss the game or need support please visit the forums.

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One Response to News page now members only

  1. admin says:

    Update – now enabled again after some mods added / changed and upgraded. Some website code changed. So called ‘throwaway’ email addresses are still disallowed though so if you use gmail or hotmail please use an another email address to register. Members that use these accounts that have already registered before this date are not affected; you can post as normal.