Surdana Mage’s Tower secret area challenge

Faerith posted a challenge on the forums which is to give proof that it is possible to get up to the secret second floor above the main room in the mage’s tower by jumping on the bookcases. If you want to take part visit the link below to the forum post.

Here is what was originally posted:-

Hey guys.

today I would like to propose a challenge to all ancients gates owners: the surdana mages tower challenge. This is the tower that magic runes can be brought from

the history: Awhile ago there was a statement going around, nobody knows if it were true or not, but you could climb onto the balcony from the book cases in the tower, and open a chest which would you give you a second Wyvern’s talon short sword along with other things.

I have always been interested with this theory. I am also offering a reward to the closest evidence of such existence of said items.

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One Response to Surdana Mage’s Tower secret area challenge

  1. Arokhs Twin says:

    Outlaw Wyvern has finally but this myth to bed (see forum post) – there is nothing up there! It’s possible to glitch into that area with Arokh but there is no way to jump up there from the mages tower.