Site takedown order issued

I received a takedown order notice for this site as it was identified as spreading malware. It turned out to be a few files (the Drakan 10th anniversary patch and the memory allocation tweak patch) that have been on this site since 2013. However several antivirus programs now identify these files as viruses / malware and as no-one has taken any notice and is linking directly to files on this server it is been mis-identified as a malware host. Someone has been emailing with a direct link to the memory allocation patch and it has been found on several foreign forums.

I have removed these two files even though they are identified as false positives. I can understand why though as they alter the memory location where the .exe files are stored. They are mostly obsolete now anyway so it’s no real big issue but I will be going through the logs and seeing which files are being directly linked to and will try and stop this from happening. This will obviously stop people downloading any game patches directly from links in discord etc so moderators please direct users to the downloads page on this site rather than the files themselves.

This should prevent the site from being taken offline but if the site disappears you know why. If this does happen I will appeal the decision.

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