A new Dragon game

I know it’s not Drakan but I thought I’d tell you dragon fans about a new game I have been playing recently called ‘Divinity 2 – The Dragon Knight Saga’ which is a 3D action RPG made by Belgian developer, Larian Studios. Having played lots of games over the years this is the only one that I really enjoyed as much as Drakan. You do get to play as a dragon from about a 3rd into the game and it’s a game that will keep you enthralled for months. Just make sure you get Divinity2: Dragon Knight Saga NOT Divinity 2: Ego Draconis as DKS is a remastered, much improved version with the add on pack Flames of Vengeance included. PC users will not be able to buy a retail copy however you can download it from Steam or Larian’s web site. The game is also available on the Xbox 360. More details at http://www.divinity2-saga.comgo buy it, you will not be disappointed!

Also you may have noticed that the forums have been intermittent. This is because I was experimenting with various ways to keep spambots and knobheads from posting crap or setting up bogus accounts with links to porn sites etc in their profile. This required code changes which had to be tested with the forum off-line so sorry about that. I was also looking at ways to get the site working on a linux server which is a problem as the forum uses Microsoft SQL Server as a back end. Linux servers are cheaper than Windows.

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