Single player level of the year 2010

Well, this is the second year we have decided to run the level of the year award – these levels have been reviewed years ago and deserve some credit. After all there hasn’t been any new Drakan levels for years but plenty have been made that are worth playing if you want a new challenge or are returning to the game.

2010’s entry goes to Mick for his ‘The Breaking of the World’. Like most level series this is an alternative to Drakan: The Ancient’s Gates as many fans were disappointed by Sony’s decision to cancel the PC version making it a PS2 exclusive and decided to make their own version. TBOTW is one such level but unlike some of the other works, this one is truly stunning and features some rich, intricately designed levels that are a wonder to wander through.

The only snag is that the level series was never finished which is a real shame as Mick has some real talent for creating a believable game world and has made a real quality level series here. You can read the review and download it here.

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