New 3rd party patch in development

Shelim over on the forums is working on a couple of patches for Drakan single player. One fixes the crashing experienced with geforce 6 / 7 / 8 series graphics cards on Windows XP on some systems and the other fixes the crash when exiting Alwarren. The geforce crash fix has already been released but its still undergoing testing and the Alwarren crash is still in development but should be available soon. These will be ready to download from this site as soon as testing is complete. Up to now players had to start the game in developer mode to get around the crashing at game start up and had to download a save to get around the Alwarren problem. These patches however will probably invalidate your existing saves so you will have to start a new game. I need to confirm this…

Many thanks to Shelim for his hard work for the Drakan community!

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