Shelim’s 445++ patch ready

Testing of Shelim’s unofficial 445++ patch has been completed and final tweaks to the code have been made so this is now being released to the Drakan community. Some undetected bugs / problems may be present so if any are encountered please let either me or Shelim know over on the forums. Please do read the installation notes thoroughly before reporting problems.

Note that this patch is for single player only and will prevent you from playing the game online but however an uninstall utility is provided so the game can be reverted to its original form enabling you to play online again. Some single player levels may be incompatible with this patch & installing this patch on anything other than the retail 445 patched release of the game may cause unpredictable results. Download the patch on the downloads page or directly here.

This patch fixes both the ‘Alwarren’ bug and the crash on game startup on systems equipped with a Geforce 6 or later graphics card. Existing save games are unaffected.

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