Level editor tutorials available + site confirmed working on new server

There has been a lot of tutorials from the old Surreal News forums rescued by our forum member Shoprat who has put a lot of effort into finding tutorials and other questions and answers on the web and putting them into a handy zip file which is easy to use and find what you are looking for. Most have also been repeated on the forums so if you are struggling with the level editor, a wealth of info can be found there. If you want to download the zip file, it can be found on the downloads page. Thanks to Shoprat for the hard work!

Secondly, We are going ahead with the move from a Windows web server to a Linux web server this week so there will be some downtime of the site. I have re-done the site pages in .php so some links won`t work anymore if you were directly linking to pages other than the index. We will be closing the forum on Tuesday and replacing it with PHPBB; this work will take 24-48 hours to complete. There will be several problems which we will have to live with such as archives will be lost and sticky topics etc but most of the forum data will be imported. Will advise of everything when work is done.

This work is needed due to several reasons – mainly because the site costs too much to run and we don’t get as much visitors as we used to. The site also badly needs updating and a better server will allow for more features however a redesign will come with time as I don’t have the interest in the site I used to have years ago. I didn’t want to bin it off altogether as we are the only Drakan site remaining now so this is the cheapest solution. Secondly the access database the forum uses is getting too large and unreliable; the move to a MySQL database will improve this.

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