Moving the site from Windows server 2000 to Linux & Drakan music

Just to let you know that I have been doing some work on the website converting all pages & scripts from .asp to .php in preparation for the move from a Windows web server to Unix. This is to save costs on running the site as I don’t make any profit from it and all costs come from my own money. I have successfully managed to change the forum from Snitz to PHPBB and import most of the forum posts – only the archives were lost & users would have to request a password reset. This is all running on a test site so when the time comes next year I only have to import the latest data and I can make the switch.

This will halve the running costs of the web site. I will stick with Windows & Snitz for now until the hosting expires (or sooner if the forum database crashes again) so if the site is down in the future, we have not gone and will be back, just bear with us. It’s something I should have done a long time ago but have been putting it off. The reason I went down the Windows route is originally the site was running off my own internet connection at home from an old Pentium Pro server I kept in the basement. It later moved to a proper host.

Now on to something about Drakan. First of all thanks to the forum member Shoprat the level editor tutorial has been updated with an archive of old posts from the defunct Surreal news forums which will help anyone wanting to make levels or mods for the game.

Secondly, Erik Aho who made the music for Drakan: The Ancient’s Gates dropped me an email today to let me know that he has put several of the game music tracks online. These are the original high quality versions which sound better than the original game ones. Link here

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